Dec 15, 2010

Can somebody tell me.....


This time I am going
To write a serious poem

Something about
The hardship of life
In the common mans view

I’m not going to feel
Comfort when I write
Since I’m going to internalise
The hardship- or else
People won’t believe

If I happen to see a bird
With the broken wings
Struggling to fly.
I write, not the hunter who
Shot it down nor the pistol
But the pain or the innocence
Of the bird.....

If I happen to see a beggar
With an empty stomach
Starving for food.
I write, not the son who
Threw him out nor the passerby
But the depth of the hunger
Of  the man....

If I happen to see a blind man
With his hands reaching for something
Which he lost.
I write, not the person who
Robbed him nor the thing itself
But the thought of being helpless
Of the blind man....

If I happen to see a woman
With a conscious mind
Adjusting her dress often.
I write, not the male who
Stares at her nor the exposed skin
But the state of being insecure
Of a woman.....

If I happen to see an eunuch
With two soul in one body
Harassing the “straight” in the public
I write, not the people who
Gets scared nor the one who makes fun
But the art of survival in this dirty village
Of a eunuch...

I’m going to write a serious poem
Can somebody tell me
How to be common to all?
So that I can write a poem
For an instance.
Otherwise people won’t believe

What I write...........