Jun 20, 2010

Let the rain to rain

The sky fell asleep
In His dream- some strange
Thoughts gathered like the clouds
He moaned, and He cried
And there came the rain...

The dry earth got life
She smiled through her greenery
She was helpless but still pitied Him..

The more He cried
The more she pitied

Her children were clueless
And as helpless as She
So they let the rain to rain.

Those little children
Who played in the rain
Making boats in a thick sheet
Which got (re)sunk again.

They let the rain to rain
Till they learn to make
a better boat and not a fake
And His cry too passed away
Just like a temporary pain.

Jun 17, 2010


Languages went on self-mockering
when it failed to describe you- in
a single word...........!