Sep 23, 2009


A Lilliput
Down from
Heavens land

Chats with me.
Found I- Her
Sweet little Heart.

It is empty,
Like her
Dimple cheek.

With innocence,
And Love.

No more worry
In my Life,
Where I met
A pal to share.

My Angel

Golden stalks
Spreaded over her
Tender body

Climbing and
Reclimbing everywhere

Her feet were
Not "Bound"
But still fits
cindrellas sandal


Her sparkling eyes
Pushing and pulling
Me into troubles

Her voice
Rhythms amd Rhymes
Unto my soul
Filling bliss

Is she
My Little Angel,
A Friend or
A Fiend??

Sep 6, 2009


I spared my time,
To wonder-
How Beautiful you are?

So high in the sky.

Smiling at me-
I felt my heart throbbing.

You made every night yours
Ruling the dark with light.

The stars may guide
to the place of Lord.
But you lead the Lord,
unto my soul.

The clouds captures you sometime,
And I believe, You are-
Safe in my arms.