Jan 18, 2010

Gift Paper

I'm not
Just a packing cover
And these are not
Just any words
But more than that..!

I'm the treasure
Of your life
I bring you
Good and Bad,
Happy and sorrow,
Love and Hatred, and
Many more..!

Try not saving me
For your Life,
Instead let I pass you
Now and then..!

Stop staring
At me like that,
"Unwrap Me"
It is time to deliver
Someones' love for you..!


Jan 11, 2010

Poetic Mind

In my Dreams
I love onething and
I lust many
How filthy- I
My thoughts on the bed...!

Why I am
Sane under the light and
Insane under the dark.
Am I bound to this

If given a chance
why will I prefer to be sane?
By supressing my thoughts.


I'm never been small
I never say "Enough"
Here I'm
Are you listening?

I won't envy others.
I won't feel pride.
But I'm everything...!

You won't believe,
I'm like a double edged sword
Filled with thirst..!

You won't believe,
I'm like a forbidden Fruit
Filled with sin..!

You won't believe
If I tell "I Hurt You"
So deep unto thy soul..!

You won't believe
If I tell " I'm God"
But the others will..!

So what else I need.
If not you the others will
quench my thirst..!
My "Bloody Thirst"