Oct 7, 2015


I made poetry a coffin,
 and arranged my words
 -in order.
When my love turned
 into words.

How should I interpret?

Feb 21, 2015


After the long long walk
and the long long talk
with a dimple smile
and those kisses for a while
After the dinner night
with the hands so tight
the moon stays right
When we lose the fight

It seems so quiet
Nearing the Hostel gate
My legs go "awww"
My words go "shhhh"

when her smile turns frown
those dimples are gone.
Her hands stayed apart
when the moon took flight
I saw her sight.

On me
one last time.
I know it
she knew it

So we stood and turned
till those eyes could see
and those hearts fall asleep.

Feb 18, 2015

Dear Poem

I was playing
the songs and tunes
I used to listen along with her.
But the memories were lost.
Never knew it was so hard
to recollect
and to recreate those moments

Wonder how the marriage(s)
made my thoughts shrunk.
Now I am here 
dear poem
with stumbled words
looking for help.

She use to point you
for assistance
whenever my fingers stam
running out of creativity
I sadly chose the backspace
on my keyboard.

Back(in)space erased
the letters,
the words,
the phrases,
the stanzas,
Now look at you
dear poem 
you stand deformed.

Don't you want to look
Give me back
my memories
I want to relish
the lost 
and create the destroyed
once again. 

"I" is real
"You" the imagined Other
"We" the unsolved puzzle

May 15, 2011

Poetics of Love

Lines made letters
Curves the words
on the whole it formed
the poetics of love

Body filled my breath
parts of it my life
on the whole it formed
the poetics of love

Darkness made things still
breeze too still; alive
on the whole it formed
the poetics of love

Story moved my heart
muted sound I heard
on the whole it made
the poetics of love

Music can be played
paintings displayed
I able not to find
the poetics of love

Jan 10, 2011

Absence of Dark

In the dark
I blew the lit candle
It went dark

How can I blow
The dark to bring light
On the dead candle

Absence of light is Dark
Absence of dark is
“More Dark”

Dec 15, 2010

Can somebody tell me.....


This time I am going
To write a serious poem

Something about
The hardship of life
In the common mans view

I’m not going to feel
Comfort when I write
Since I’m going to internalise
The hardship- or else
People won’t believe

If I happen to see a bird
With the broken wings
Struggling to fly.
I write, not the hunter who
Shot it down nor the pistol
But the pain or the innocence
Of the bird.....

If I happen to see a beggar
With an empty stomach
Starving for food.
I write, not the son who
Threw him out nor the passerby
But the depth of the hunger
Of  the man....

If I happen to see a blind man
With his hands reaching for something
Which he lost.
I write, not the person who
Robbed him nor the thing itself
But the thought of being helpless
Of the blind man....

If I happen to see a woman
With a conscious mind
Adjusting her dress often.
I write, not the male who
Stares at her nor the exposed skin
But the state of being insecure
Of a woman.....

If I happen to see an eunuch
With two soul in one body
Harassing the “straight” in the public
I write, not the people who
Gets scared nor the one who makes fun
But the art of survival in this dirty village
Of a eunuch...

I’m going to write a serious poem
Can somebody tell me
How to be common to all?
So that I can write a poem
For an instance.
Otherwise people won’t believe

What I write...........