Nov 9, 2009


I hold you
As I wish. . . .

I press you- with
Love and Hate

Your colour changes
and directs, when i do.

Your public display
gets privatized

But i doubt...!?

I holding you
or held by you

Nov 6, 2009


If I leave you blank
I am impotent...

If I write something- then
You are no more virgin...

So, I put you somewhere.
In the middle of-
Impotency and Non-Virginity

A New Identity...!


screwed their Mother
Harder than their Father
Pain and bliss at one time.

Then Every'body'
With there sense
Became Holy and Evil
But i cant find-
one out of them

Is it possible to go back?
To my mothers womb
And stay forever- wont
They call me a 'Parasite'

If any'body' can
Do take me to a place
Where there is peace

Nov 1, 2009

Left Alone

"What is this Life. . . . . .

We have no time to stand and stare. . . . ."

Well said, thinkers of those days. But it is unnoticed people of these days, forgot even to stand (relax) and to stare (the natures beauty), the world is "Mechanized". I find people running for nothing, throwing each other. On busy roads, abusive words. Wine shop fight where anybody can join. In market bargaining, etc. People enjoy quarrel, otherwise they feel dead.

On the other hand in luxurious place none will be there to make noise. The world seems computerized. Automatic doors, Elevators, Lifts etc. When you enter such place LED screen welcomes you, the signboards directs you to different sections, then you will be left alone to choose what you want 'the choices are open but not the taste'. Gone those days, where the shop owner welcomes the customer with smile which makes them comfortable. There smile guarantees their products, soon he will become your neighbour who knows your need.

You wanted to get out from that place, but before you leave someone will ask your mobile number, not a word more. You may feel happy that there are people who can speak (at least). You leave the place with not so much interest of coming again . And you'll receive an SMS which says "Thank You for Visiting Us... Do Visit Again"

Now it is your choice to choose "The world of Noise" or " The world of Silence"...!!!