Jul 28, 2009


The Dark Clouds
Moved fast- I saw.
Wiping the dust on Moons’ face.

The stars twinkled,
A glory raised surround.

You and I stood close,
Holding hands together,
Heads raised and felt
“The Love”

When breeze
Grazed our soul.


I’ll come
In your Dreams
My Darling.

Not to Hug you,
Or to Kiss,
Not to Sing,
Or to Dance,
Not to Surprise you,
Or to give Shock,
Not to say Hai,
Or to say Good Bye,

But just to say

You are not so far
From my thoughts
But don’t know why
My heart makes empty war.

I kept my Heart awake,
Don’t hesitate to say,
What you wish to
And let my soul to rest.


My thoughts
Here and there
Rejoicing- Your
Presence in Absence.

The Blank sheet
Gets written


The Sun set,
The breeze,
Bird’s chirrups,
Strangers glance,

It lacks Rhyming.

Let me read
For you
May Rhyme with yours.

Train Journey

It is Cloudy
Inside and Outside.

Everything is still,
I’m waiting for
Something to happen.

Only mobile phones
Are making

A child
Sucks his Milk
And sleeping- In Peace.

But I
Expecting Violence,
To get Myself Engaged.

Some chats
In group- where
I am Alienated

And it started
Raining- But
Still I feel Thirsty.

Jul 6, 2009

My Journey

Through the Dark
I saw my EGO
And i was afraid.

Tried and lit the candle
There I found
Myself wounded.

My soul bleeds,
When no one is there
With me.

My journey
Starts here
'The Quest for Peace'.

Jul 3, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

The stars are twinkling.
Some fall, down to earth
to kiss you.

The moon showered its love,
Leaving me- alone.

In this heap of silence
When my sleeping beauty
Smiles in her dream.

I envy the mosquito
which bites her cheek.
The lights are put off.

But still my eyes are longing for you.
Can’t you hear
my song, which
is dying to be poetic on you.

Lusty Kiss

Lusty kiss
Is that you gave?
Filled with bliss
I took it very safe.

Death in my arms
For which you longed.
Will it harm?
My rest lifelong.

Shed your tears.
Molded with fear.
You my dear
What is unclear?

Nothing we did wrong.
To repent very strong.
Is that devil with horn?
Hurting like a thorn.

The moon, coming from the west.
Will ask to build our nest.
From there we start our quest.
And make our soul to rest.