Dec 26, 2009

Ozy(wo)mandias......... (a little effort to imitate)

Saw a crowd on the city roadside.

People said: a little girl with a bamboo stick

Swinging in the air, on the rope, between the poles

Well balanced, performing for the day.

Her father selling their hunger and poverty,

Staged to earn the lifeless thing called “money”,

Hoping to be showered at the end,

but not by everybody.

"Her name is Ozy(wo)mandias,

the Queen of Poverty- Look upon Her struggles,

ye Mighty, and despair!” But nothing remains,

round the deserted crowd

whose hands and hearts are bare enough.

Rain Drops

Miles and Miles
Travelled- I
wanting to
differ others

on your head
sliding into
your breath
your lips
and staying
forever in
your little heart.

Or least
I want to melt
my whole
on your
transperent body

stripes on you
'a love stripes'

Dec 20, 2009

Empty Heart

We fly like
the winter flies
Under the
Bright sun,
in the
warm eve.

Leaving no
clues for people
to track our
of today,

the day after
will remain same as now.


We get tired,
We get bored,
We get irritate,
We get Joy.
In everything
For everything.

We feel satisfied.
and wanting
nothing in the world

Why our hearts feel empty?
At the end of the Day.

Dec 8, 2009


Love is innocent.
Dont give it a role
and grouse.
When it lacks the same.


Am I?
Did I?
Is It?

I Don't know...!
May be I am......?

Why cant I?...
It is because of you....
Isn't it?

Im sorry!

I can't...
I won't...

Nee-e-d a bit -of

Ah- a- a
Give me -Give me
S o m e


In the sea of err's

I sank

Some came

To save my life

Holding and

Dragging me out of it

But fearing a Huge wave

I Slipped

and went back

Thank God

Atleast they are safe